Thursday, March 17, 2011

365 Cards: Ad Inspired

Today on 365 cards we were to be inspired by this ad.  When I saw all that green, $Money$ popped into my mind!  I remembered on this site:// there is a money holder template.  I printed the "New US money version" on green paper and cut it out.  I still had to fold the money to make it fit right, but I really like the outcome.  I added a small magnet to the bottom lip to make it stay closed, but you could use a money clip as the gift and keep the card closed with that as well.  


Mark Angel said...

love your card,,,,,

Dale Tiernan said...

Great idea. Aussie money is all different colours, purple, red, blue, gold and the $100 note is green. Don't see many of those around though.

Hannah said...

Very clever :-) Thanks for playing along!