Thursday, May 5, 2011

All about Me ATC Challenge

ALL ABOUT ME CHALLENGE - (Thursday, May 5th) on Etsy

What defines you as you, think of this as a self-portrait project in the loosest sense of the terms. Create something in your medium that shows us your character.
My character is based on my faith in God. I enjoy life's simple pleasures like walking on the beach collecting sea glass and shells. Love is the Key to life because "it's so much more friendly with two". I am thankful and grateful for my life, my family and my faith. I value my friends, and I try to be a good friend. I'm trustworthy and full of hope. I added hand stamped to the top because I LOVE to stamp!
I guess you can say I grew up to be a little like all the characters in the hundred acre woods ~ but winnie the pooh is still my favorite!

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